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April 21, 2021

Childress Believes He's The Best Candidate For St. Louis

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI – In front of 90-year old, Arlene Putman home is where local pastor Earl Childress plans to invite Congresswoman Cori Bush to a series of debates. Childress, an entrepreneur, has more cash on hand than any other challenger in the congressional race and says he is willing to fund the debate.

According to KMOV 4, Putman was nearly hit by gunfire while sitting in her home. Months later, the windows that were shot out in her home were not fixed. Putman was having trouble with her insurance company and contractors. After the run around, she contacted a local candidate for state office, Donovan Meeks, and explained her situation. That’s when Meeks reached out to Childress for help. Childress agreed.

When asked by voters if he is running against Cori Bush, Pastor Earl Childress simply replies, “I’m not running against Bush, I’m running for the people. She just happens to be on the ballot.” Childress then applauded the congresswoman for her historic victory as the first and only female to hold Missouri’s first district congressional seat.

“I was excited when the congresswoman won the primary. I saw it as a victory for all women. I became immediately disappointed when I learned her agenda was to help the Democratic Socialists of America and not the people of St. Louis” Childress explained.

Childress is a moderate with innovative ideas. He passionately preaches that his focus in congress will be to Close the Income and Wealth Gap while dealing with the worst inflation in the last forty years. In addiction Childress’ agenda includes, Police Refinement, an ideology to permanently remove bad actors from police departments. He supports Educated Options for women, empowering them to make informed decisions about their own bodies concerning reproductive rights, and expanding Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

When asked about Steve Roberts entering the race, Pastor Childress smiled and said, “I’m praying for both the Walker and Roberts families. I know this has reopened wounds while the Walker family is still grieving their recent lost.”

Childress then went on to continuously challenge Congresswoman Cori Bush to a debate to discuss the issues. He believes the incumbent is all about gaining media attention to further her political career and doesn’t have any real solutions to help to people of St. Louis. As he demands for a debate with Bush, Rev. Childress entices by implying the media will be there, too.

After a few phone calls to Putman’s insurance company and a local contractor, Childress was able to make things happen. Windows are being replaced on Thursday April 21, 2022. At that time, Childress will hold a press conference at Putman’s home to announce his campaign plan for U.S. House of Representatives and to challenge the congresswoman to debate.

For More Information Contact:

David Murray, Campaign Treasurer

Office: (314) 582-0100 ext. 9221

Cell: (636) 373-0552

Email: support@childressforcongress.com


Earl Childress is an Ordained Pastor, Economic Rights Leader and Financial Activist. Childress is a local entrepreneur and is the pastor Christ Embassy Church International, a nondenominational church located in St. Louis, Missouri. Learn more at www.ChildressForCongress.com

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